They say he who dies with the most maintainerships... dies very tired.

The emokit project, started by Daeken, aims to provide a free driver to access raw data coming from the Emotiv EPOC headset. However, he's been really busy being awesome elsewhere lately, so after picking up the decode key for the special pre-release unit, writing a C implementation of the library, and fielding some support emails, I (Kyle) have finally just gone ahead and taken the lead maintainer role on the project.

Many thanks go to Daeken for the initial work on getting the library and community together, and hopefully he'll come back to visit at some point.

The new main repo is at

Next big steps for the project are:

  • Isolating the power level readings
  • Finishing up and formalizing the C library
  • Getting a full v0.1 release out

I also develop the np_epoc external for Max/Pd. I expect that I'll be updating the external along with anything we get done with the headset itself, so keep an eye on that on my personal externals page.