Oh, what a crazy month it has been.

Kinect Take Apart Image

The Microsoft Kinect camera came out on Nov. 4th, and has eaten a good portion of my month, in a good way. Work with the OpenKinect Community has been one of the best open source project experiences I've ever had. I'm the lead code integrator on the project, as well as doing some platform support. Haven't had a lot of time to work on my own kinect projects, but it's been fun to watch what comes out of the libraries. The code repo is available on the OpenKinect Organization Github Site.

In terms of press around the kinect project, I did an interview with New Scientist Magazine as well as a talk at DorkbotSF. Video of the talk (audio is horrible, but I might redo it later) is available in 3 parts:

Jerkcity Image

A few weeks ago, I got pretty dire food poisoning. I eventually felt better, and for some reason ended up with an emacs jerkcity mode too. I'm not sure how these things happen.

For a quick rundown on maintenance of other projects and interesting news:

  • libnifalcon got a v1.0.2 release, mainly to fix very nasty build system issues.
  • On that note, I'm taking a step back and re-evaluating what compily_buildd really needs to do, as it at some point got WAY overcomplicated and is making my code exceedingly difficult for others to build.
  • Looks like someone has started up a project to reverse engineer the Phantom Omni haptic device
  • np_mindset seems to have a pretty major bug in the binary release. Going to try to get this fixed and out ASAP.