Workin on new toys

Well, another 6 months have come and gone, and I've got a few new projects on the radar here.


This is a framework for accessing the USB capabilities of Omron medical equipment, specifically the Omron 790IT Blood Pressure Monitor at the moment. There has been some talk online about accessing their pedometers in a cross platform manner (reference:, and I'm hoping the protocol for that and their other blood pressure monitors are basically the same, so I can extend the protocol parsing to the whole family of products.


libambx is an open source, cross platform library for the Ambx ambient environment feedback system that I'm working on in conjunction with the people at Electrosthetics. I'm currently working on reversing the ambx communications protocol (document available here). It's nice to work with someone else on this stuff for once.

libnifalcon updates

libnifalcon is still coming along nicely, if a bit slow at the moment since I'm stuck on some rather difficult problems with firmware loading and kinematics. It's been used in a couple of papers (including this one on teleoperation of an insectbot), and there's also been some work on porting it to Chai3d for use in the Dimple environment for physical interaction with sound.