Well, v0.2 of libnifalcon is all done. Yay. That took a lot more work than I thought it would.

Of course, I've also now run into the nasty fact that libftdi is around 4x slower than ftd2xx, meaning that what's a 1000hz update rate on windows ends up being 300hz max on Linux and OS X. Not happy about this at /all/, but there's really not much I can do outside of porting to a kernel driver probably. Which, yeah, I've thought about doing, because I hate myself.

Anyways, I've also finished Max and Pd patches for the falcon for all platforms, thus my first real released "application" for this. Only took me 9 months. Go me.

Now then, see if you can figure out which program is the free one, and which one is the expensive one:


np_nifalcon Max External Tutorial


np_nifalcon PureData External Tutorial

Is there such a thing as a pretty PD patch? I have yet to see one.