Yup, it's spring again, and it snuck up on me this time.

First off, it's year 3 of GDC for me. Not speaking during the conference, though you can at least catch me at Brenda Braithwaite's Sex in Games Roundtables on Wednesday and Thursday, plus the various parties (Here's crossing my fingers for another World of Darkness party like last year. More game conferences need dominatrixes).

Wednesday, March 5th, it's off to O'Reillys Emerging Technologies Conference, where I'm giving a talk on the usual (teledildonics and intimate interfaces). Due to the fact that I'm poor and SD is expensive, I'm only in for the day of my talk, so look for me on Wednesday if you're around.

And then... Nothing. Yes, I have absolutely no planned speaking engagements after that, and I plan on keeping it that way for a while.